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Packaging declaration
Our packaging and the environment

We believe that good packaging materials and environmental protection don't have to be a contradiction.

When choosing the packaging materials we use, they have to meet two important conditions. First, we want the high-quality products you order to reach you in perfect condition, and second, we want the packaging we use to make as little environmental impact as possible.

With all the packaging components we use, we strike a balance between packing your goods securely and protecting the environment.

In this regard, we exclusively use the most environmentally friendly materials for all our packaging:

  • The cardboard packaging we use can be 100% recycled. It is produced using renewable raw materials and waste paper.
  • The packaging chips we use are made from 100% recycled polystyrene and provide the perfect padding for the goods. They deliver anti-static, completely dust-free protection for your product. They are 100% re-usable. If they are not reused, the packaging chips bio-degrade within 9-60 months using micro-organisms.
  • The adhesive tapes we use are either made of paper or PP - polypropylene. For the protective shell of the canisters, we use paper adhesive tapes with natural rubber adhesive without casein. We use PP adhesive rolls to close the cartons. These are much more robust than paper rolls, but also significantly more environmentally friendly than normal PVC adhesive tapes. PP is free from chlorine and softening agents. PP can be disposed of in an environmentally neutral manner, and does not release any hazardous materials during thermal utilisation.
  • The buckets and canisters used to store our products are made of tin plate and are fully recyclable.
  • Our delivery note pouches are made of 100% paper and use environmentally friendly adhesive on the back.
  • The cable ties we use can be opened repeatedly and so they can be reused indefinitely.
  • The small cans used for some products are made of environmentally-neutral PP.
  • The paper rolls we use for the cans are made of recycled corrugated paper.
  • All labels - from the address label to the product label - are made of paper.
  • The address protection film we use is made of environmentally neutral PP (see adhesive tape).
  • When we dispatch on pallets, we only use Euro pallets with reusable lashing straps.

We have chosen all our packaging components to be environmentally-friendly.

In the future, we will try to continuously improve our packaging and use of environmentally-friendly materials.

Kind regards, Harold Patscheider GmbH

You can download the packaging declaration here as a PDF-file.