Harold Patscheider GmbH - High Heat Resistant Encapsulants And Adhesives
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THERMOGUSS 2000 is a heat resistant, inorganic adhesive and encapsulant which is also particularly suitable for ceramic coating of workpieces and materials.

THERMOGUSS 2000 resists temperatures up to 1093°C. It is resistant to fire, most solvents, oil, water and many acids, including nitric acid, chromic acid and concentrated sulphuric acid.

THERMOGUSS 2000 is a two component system. Two parts THERMOGUSS powder are well mixed with one part THERMOGUSS liquid for processing. The consistency can be changed by making a slight amendment to the weighting - from a tough, homogenous mass to a smooth, flowing one.

THERMOGUSS 2000 can be applied or poured on at a thickness of thin up to 30 centimetres and beyond.

THERMOGUSS 2000 glues ceramic, steel, lead, glass, wood and many other materials. The compounds are impervious to cold and heat.

THERMOGUSS 2000 adheres to almost all surfaces. It cures even under hermetic sealing and hardens in a manner similar to ceramic.

THERMOGUSS 2000 is characterised by excellent electrical resistance, which among other things makes it the ideal insulator.


Features of THERMOGUSS 2000:

  • It is free of solvents, silicones, PVC and phosphorus
  • It is easy to sand
  • It is resistant to fire and to temperature shock
  • It is particularly suitable for ceramic coating
  • It is suitable for sealing and insulation
  • It is ideal for sealing or binding many materials
  • It even binds under hermetic sealing and without burning in
  • It is used as a ceramic casting compound
  • It is used to manufacture technical ceramics
  • It is used as a ceramic encapsulant for heating elements, resistance wires, filaments, coils, solder pins etc.
  • It is used as a coating for electrical components among other things
  • It is used in various industries


Delivery time: The delivery time within the EU is two to four working days.
For international deliveries please request price and delivery time.


Container sizes:
Powder: 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 30 kg, 227 kg
Liquid: 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 272 kg


Only for industrial or commercial use.